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The mission of the Carlson Global Institute is to “lead global management education, research, and outreach and serve as a catalyst for stakeholders to function as an interactive global network that generates new knowledge toward the development of globally mindful leaders.” The newly established Advisory Council, which met for the first time in May, is another step toward the creation of a more interactive global network. It provides a forum for Twin Cities-based global leaders to share opportunities, challenges, and insights with one another and the Carlson School as we strive to fulfill our mission. The Advisory Council joins the CGI Faculty Advisory Committee in providing advice and guidance related to stakeholder engagement, curriculum development, research about the impact of global initiatives, and development of future initiatives of the institute.

The Advisory Council currently consists of nine members representing the public and private sectors. Members include:

David Clark – Vice President, International Strategic Business Unit, Häagen-Dazs, General Mills

Katie Clark – Executive Director, Minnesota Trade Office

Patty Hamm – Vice President of Global Human Resources, Imation

Rick King – Chief Operating Officer, Technology, Thomson Reuters

Patrick McGinnis – Vice President, Global Product Management, Best Buy

Richard McLellan – Senior Vice President, Commercial, Mosaic

Meredith McQuaid – Associate Vice President, Global Programs and Strategy Alliance, University of Minnesota

Jan Shimanski – Vice President, Global Marketing Excellence, 3M

Karine Watne – International Business Web and Marketing Communications Manager, The Toro Company

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